REALITY SOUNDTRACK - moving sound intervention in public spaces by Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec

REALITY SOUNDTRACK - moving sound intervention in public spaces by TAO G. VRHOVEC SAMBOLEC

TAO G. VRHOVEC SAMBOLEC is a sound atrist and composer living in Amsterdam and Ljubljana. His work consists of audiovisual installations, sound interventions in public spaces, written music for silent films, chamber (electro)acoustic music, improvised electroacoustic music and sound design for video.

REALITY SOUNDTRACK is sound intervention in public spaces as post offices, passages, shopping malls, streets, …
Sound carriers are people equipped with small radio receivers – 25 or more people, each one having 1 radio receiver.
All these radio receivers transmit the same electronic composition, which is transmitted from a short range radio station, or even better, from an existing radio station.
All the participants – carriers are walking together through parts of a city following given Intervention Map. The audible result of the action is a moving cloud of sound, which is traveling through a city.
The duration of the intervention is flexible, best around 2 hours in the afternoon time.

REALITY SOUNDTRACK – Transforming the perception of reality by means of sound intervention – lecture by Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec on his project Reality Soundtrack.

TAO G. VRHOVEC SAMBOLEC (1972, Ljubljana – Slovenia) was studying clarinet at Trondheim Music Conservatory (Norway) and music composition and sonology (electronic music) at The Royal Conservatory in The Hague. Since 2004, he is a postgraduate student at Interfaculty – ArtScience at The Royal Conservatory in The Hague. He lives and works in Amsterdam and Ljubljana.
His works encompass multimedia audiovisual installations, sound interventions in public spaces, composed, electroacoustic and improvised electronic music and music for silent film.
Together with Tomaz Grom, he formed electroacoustic improv duo TILT, which is a project based formation existing since 1996.
One of important issues in his installation work is questioning the established forms of communication of music and sound, and looking for conceptual and expressive potentials of sound and music outside established concert situation.


The goal of the intervention is to transpose a real situation in public space onto a plane of fictionality. The sound intervention alters the mode of perception of a random passer-by listener. That which a listener sees becomes a fiction and support for that which he or she hears. The result of such alienation is that the listener no longer perceives reality as something that has any immediate effect on his or her own existence but, rather, accepts it as an aesthetic phenomenon; this, however, may present a direct threat to his or her own existence.


Installation consists of a big – 5.5 m (length) x 4.5 m
(height) Reality Soundtrack Instruction Score on a wall. In front of the wall, there is small radio transmitter with antenna that is transmitting Reality Soundtrack. On the floor, there are 25 radio receivers scattered around, transmitting the sound in moderate loudness. There is also television with video documentations of previous interventions and previous Intervention Maps.


-Gaudeamus Music Week - International Festival of Young Composers, Amsterdam – Holland. Installation, intervention, lecture.
-Radiodays – De Appel Gallery, Amsterdam. Radio lecture.

-7 Sins – Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana - Slovenija. Installation (mini version).
-Cosmopolis - microcosmosXmacrocosmos, Balkan Biennal of Contemporary Art, State Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki - Greece. Installation, indoor intervention.
-Intervening Urban Void –artist initiative "Public Space With a Roof", Amsterdam - Holland. Lecture.
-Contemporanea 2004 - International Festival of Contemporary Music, Udine - Italy. Intervention.
-Sounding Out 2 - International Symposium on Sound and Media – University of Nottingham, United Kingdom. Lecture.
-Easa 2004 - European Architecture Students Assembly, Rubaix – France. Workshop with students of architecture, different interventions.
-Breaktrough – Perspectives on art from 10 new EU member states, The Hague – Holland. Intervention and installation.
-Public Space With a Roof and Radio Amsterdam FM, Amsterdam – Holland. Intervention and installation.
-U3 - Triennal of Contemporary Slovene Art - Museum of Modern Art, Ljubljana - Slovenija. Audio presentation.
-Break 2.2 “Invisible Threat” - International Festival of Contemporary Art, Ljubljana, Slovenija. Intervention.


The project couldn’t have been realized without support from different organizations at different times in different places: